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We use best available gears that are industry standard. Most of the equipments used by us are professional grade gears recognized by the industry and professionals across the world.

We do not rely on one brand or make only. Every gear or equipment is best suitable for a specific situation. The same gear cannot be fit for the other situation.

Hence, maintaining a wide range of industry standard equipment is a must for a serious wedding photographer who wishes to deliver something creative.

Digital Still Photography

Cinematography & Movie Making

Photo Editing, Enhancements & Restoration

Movie Editing, Mixing & Post Processing

Theme based Story Telling Wedding

Pre Wedding & Post Wedding Photo Shoots

Portrait Photo Shoot

Creative Photo Books Designing & Making

Live Telecast of Wedding Ceremony on Internet

Live Telecast with Crane

Live Telecast on LED, Projector Panels

Wedding Cards & Invitations Designing & Printing

1. What is the average budget for wedding Photography & Videography?

The budget purely depends on customized needs of clients and resources to be invested from our side. Every wedding differs from the other one. Number of ceremonies, guests, location and areas to be covered, number of photobooks and types of services required are key attributes, which decide the end-user cost for that specific day or occasion.

Normally average pricing starts from INR 40,000 onwards per day.

2. Do you shoot weddings pan India?

Yes, we do cover weddings and other matrimonial occasions pan India.

3. What is you specialty, when you cover wedding photography & videography or prewedding.?

Every wedding is an occasion of two families and though we may be covering hundreds of weddings per year, yours is a special story for you. We understand that fact very well. We engage serious efforts to capture memories of your wedding day the most out of box manner. We are a zero outsource agency and follow quality procedures and practices from estimation to final delivery of finished output. This ultimately delivers value for money and delighting service experience to nearly every client.

4. Do you offer photo booth & instant printing services on wedding/reception location?

Yes, we do offer these services on location, enabled by our in house resources and capacity.

5. Do you offer soft copy of the data on the wedding spot itself if opted for?

Yes, we do offer the same provided the outstanding payment of shooting is paid immediately. This mainly happens in case of out state clients when client opts for soft copy of images only and no other service which requires production process to be carried out at our office.

6. What are the cameras and gears used by Studio8?

We use best available gears in the industry that are well accredited & majorly accepted as Industry Standard photographic gears and accessories. We give due importance to perpetual advancement and up gradation of gears. Yet, we would like to mention here that skill and commitment of team also matters a lot. So it is a 50:50 rule.

7. What is security of our data with Studio8?

Your data is absolutely secure with Studio8. We have installed latest technology to secure the data in multiple mirror drivers in order to avoid possible losses occurred in emergency. It is very rare that you data may be lost or unrecoverable. Yet, in certain situations, which are beyond our control and access, we do not take any guarantee of your data with us. At the same time, in the incident of loss of data, we do not take any responsibility or liability to compensate in any financial or non financial manner.

8. How much time do you take to deliver wedding photos and videos?

Normally, we take 7-10 days to deliver the photos ready to select in a DVD. Oonce you select photos for the photo books (if opted for) we take almost 2 weeks to design it and deliver within a month. Meanwhile you need to select the list of songs for video and sound mixing work. Hence our attempt is to deliver everything within 30-45 days.

9. Is it possible that the estimated amount and invoice amount of Studio8 services may differ?

Yes of course, in case there is any deviation/amendment in the schedule, number of services, number of deliverables, hours of coverage or so it will increase of decrease the amount of final invoice accordingly. Therefore, amendments or updates in the schedule or requirements have to informed to us as soon as possible and clarification from Studio8 should be asked for.

10. What is the standard procedure of securing dates/booking?

Get a written estimate by Studio8. Approve the estimate on paper. Make the advance payment and receive a confirmation of booking on paper. All done.

11. What are the modes of payment with Studio8?

You can make the payment via Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft or NEFT also.

12. What is the payment schedule for wedding photo/video?

You can secure your dates by making 10% of the total estimated amount at the time of booking. Rest 40% payment should be made almost 15 days prior the scheduled service dates. On successful completion of the occasion you can make 25% of the payment. Rest 25% payment should be given at the time of final delivery.

13. What if we want to cancel the booking?

Before 30 days of the service dates if you wish to cancel, 5% service charges will be deducted and your advance booking amount will be refunded. When less than 30 days are left, cancellation of the booking will be done on non refundable basis.



1. Photographic Theme Development

2. Creative Content Writing

3. Back up security & storage on demand

We maintain a fully owned and hi-tech studio premises with all required amenities & facilities to render a world class quality of any photographic assignment.

700 sq. feet of Studio is equipped with all latest technology of equipment, devices and apparatus.
The Studio is an ideal facility for,